Work with an advertising agency

Manage your relationship with the advertising agency


Senior management should be involved in choosing the advertising agency. They should contribute to managing the relationship. It's important for the development of your business' sales and its profile that it goes well.

Maintaining regular contact

Some businesses find it helpful to arrange induction meetings after appointing an agency. People from the agency can visit your business to better understand it, and your people can visit the agency.

Some businesses also find it helpful to have occasional brainstorming events or away-days in which the two parties can productively get to know each other better.

In any case, regular meetings should be arranged so that you can:

  • review the work of the agency
  • meaure the effectiveness of campaigns
  • consider future strategies

Ineffective campaigns can then be changed or ended quickly. The agency can also work from feedback you give them.

Confidentiality agreements

Remember that to make the relationship work well you may need to give the agency confidential information about your business. This might include news of planned products. Although you need to manage the agency and set objectives, allow them the freedom to introduce their creative skills. Your relationship should be one of trust. You should have a confidentiality agreement with the agency.