Managing and supporting employees with mental ill health

Managing and supporting employees with mental ill health - Allen & Overy (video)

Case Study

Allen & Overy is an international law firm providing legal services for global business and industry.

Ruth McVeigh, HR Manager for Allen & Overy in Belfast, explains how they take a proactive and positive approach to supporting staff with mental ill health. This includes staff training, signing up to the Mental Health Charter and working closely with organisations, including the Equality Commission and Action Mental Health on a number of mental ill health initiatives.

The Equality Commission supports organisations like Allen & Overy with the management of mental ill health through the Mental Health Charter. Una Wilson from the Equality Commission explains the key aspects of the Charter and the support that is available to businesses in Northern Ireland.

Case Study

Ruth McVeigh

allen & overy

Ruth's top tips:

  • “Be patient and get the engagement of your stakeholders and staff”
  • “Be prepared – some individuals may need additional support, so be conscious of what resources you have available.”
  • “Be passionate – mental ill health is still a taboo subject and you can’t enforce and enable change unless you have a passion for the subject and are actively engaged yourself.”