Managing your business in Europe

Managing your financial systems and integrating your IT systems

Tax in the EU is dealt with separately by the individual laws of each country, so you should always seek professional advice in individual countries. SeeĀ taxation law in Europe.

When two companies intend to put in place common reporting structures and systems, it is very important to rationalise processes. Key business areas must be integrated, including:

  • Sales, marketing and customer service - holding a central database gives everyone easy access to key customer information.
  • Forecasting and ordering systems - linking them together will help you control stock and cut waste.
  • Finance - teams will need to be able to evaluate different parts of the business on the same terms.
  • IT - integrating your IT systems so that you have one fluid system is vital. It can improve communications and allow people to work together more efficiently. Ensuring it happens successfully without causing major disruption can involve an entire programme of work. Any systems integration project needs to be managed. You need to a set a realistic timetable, including time for testing, and allow a realistic budget, including resources for training. Read more about how to plan your IT.