Product compliance when placing certain goods on the Northern Ireland market

Market surveillance and product compliance guidance and information


The Office for Product Safety & Standards and The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy have produced guidance for businesses who place certain products in the Northern Ireland market from 16 July 2021.  

This guidance is particularly relevant to those who sell products online directly to consumers in NI (rather than via bricks and mortar shops).

Access the guidance: EU Regulation on Market Surveillance and Compliance of Products (2019/1020): Having a responsible economic operator for compliance (Article 4).

Further information

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Market Surveillance Authorities require action to correct non-compliance or risks to health and safety. This could be through compliance, withdrawal or recall notices. A breach of the EU Regulation on Market Surveillance by economic operators is an offence that may lead to a conviction.

In Northern Ireland, the Market Surveillance Authority is the Environmental Health department of your local council. They can provide advice on product safety requirements for consumer goods to help you avoid non-compliance. Find your local council in Northern Ireland.