Exporting to Asia-Pacific

Market visits to Asia-Pacific countries

The Asia-Pacific countries are all culturally, geographically and economically different to Northern Ireland. It's a good idea to visit your target market so you can see how trading works there before you start.

What to expect from a trade visit to Asia-Pacific countries

Trade associations and business support organisations often offer organised trade visits to the Asia-Pacific region. These trips give you the security and support of travelling in a group. There are usually pre-arranged meetings, seminars and exhibitions with possible business partners and customers as well as government officials.

Be prepared

When you go on the visit make sure you are briefed properly. Plan what you expect to get from each event. Prepare any promotional product literature or flyers in advance. Make sure they are translated into the local language.

You may want to take samples of your products with you. However, you should check whether you'll be liable for VAT or duty on these samples.

When making contacts, it's essential to make sure you're approaching the right people to make the most of your efforts - eg the decision-makers in potential client or supplier businesses. Check with your trade association to see if they can suggest sales leads. You can also get help from UK Trade & Investment.

How to find a trade visit

Invest Northern Ireland can help their client businesses with trade visits.

Trade associations often arrange market visits to tie in with trade shows.