Metal manufacturing waste and hazardous substances


Waste and hazardous substances from businesses in the metal production and processing industry can cause pollution if they are not dealt with correctly. Metal production and processing includes manufacturing ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals and alloys; metal forming processes; bar, wire and tube drawing; and metal casting.

You must comply with your duty of care when you dispose of your waste, including your off-cuts, slags, sludges, lubricating fluids, and baghouse and electrostatic precipitator waste.

If you use hazardous substances such as solvents, you must store, handle and dispose of them correctly. Using hazardous substances efficiently can help you reduce waste and minimise costs.

This guide explains your responsibilities for dealing with waste, including hazardous waste. It also describes your legal obligations if you use or deal with hazardous substances such as solvents, oil, chemicals and polychlorinated biphenyls.