New guides on applying for Innovate UK funding

News article

Innovate UK, UK's innovation agency, has published two new guides to help businesses and research organisations compete for government-backed innovation funding.

The first guide explains what businesses should do before they start their application. It provides a sort of a roadmap to building a strong business case to help your project succeed.

The guide offers four questions to ask yourself, including:

  • Is there a big enough market for your innovation?
  • Is your innovation work leading?
  • Is it at the right stage of development?
  • Does it represent good value for public money funding it?

Download guidance on applying for Innovate UK funding (PDF, 705K).

The second guide discusses how Innovate UK assesses funding applications. It tackles some common questions such as:

  • Who assesses the applications?
  • Is every application treated the same?
  • What is the assessment process?
  • Do you get feedback on your application?
  • What is a 'portfolio' approach?

Download guidance on the Innovate UK application assessment process (PDF, 632K).

For more detailed information, you can also read Innovate UK's comprehensive online guide on Business innovation: what funding you can get and how to apply or find their list of live funding competitions.

First published 21 October 2020