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New opportunity for SMEs to go digital

1 October 2018

Register with a unique collaboration project that pairs up SMEs with digital experts

DigitaliseSME is a pilot project funded by the European Commission that aims to support the digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses and mid-caps across Europe.

Its goal is to match businesses looking to implement a digitalisation project with carefully chosen digital experts, referred to as 'digital enablers'.

These enablers provide tailored support to the company over the course of a month, helping them set up and initiate specific digitalisation projects.

Support can address a whole range of needs, including using digital technologies to:

  • optimise workflow and management systems
  • improve the production of goods, both in terms of quality and speed
  • tailor service delivery to better match client needs
  • reach out to potential new clients via online tools and channels

Discover how DigitaliseSME project works.

The project is currently open for submissions from both:

  • companies with a need for digitalisation
  • individuals or companies with expertise in processes of digital transformation

Find out how you can register to take part in DigitaliseSME.

Registrations will stay open throughout the duration of the project.