New phishing reporting service and Cyber Aware website

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Find out how to report phishing to the NCSC and find information to help you be Cyber Aware

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched two new services as part of their drive to help protect individuals and families from common cyber-attacks.

Firstly, they have relaunched the Cyber Aware website, centred on the core themes of passwords, 2-factor authentication and updates. The website makes it easy for a user to link to account-specific advice, be that in relation to their email provider, browser or favoured social media platform.

Visit the Cyber Aware website.

Secondly, the NCSC initiated a new phishing reporting service. As of 21 April 2020, anyone receiving what they believe to be a suspicious email can report this to the NCSC via

Having analysed emails reported by users, the NCSC will look to disrupt email addresses, take down malicious websites and provide up to date alerts to the public based.

As an example of the work the NCSC already undertake in this area, in March 2020 they removed 471 fake online shops, 555 malware distribution sites, 200 phishing sites and 832 advanced fee frauds.

Report a potential phishing message to the NCSC using the suspicious email reporting service.

First published 21 April 2020