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New round of Future Leaders Fellowships opens

9 September 2019

Apply for an opportunity to develop your researchers and innovators

The Future Leaders Fellowships scheme, run by Innovate UK, is now open for applications. The programme aims to support the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators and researchers to develop their careers.

The Fellowships helps UK businesses to:

  • attract or retain an individual with outstanding leadership potential to lead a challenging innovation or research project
  • access funding to cover salaries and critical operational costs supporting the Fellow (up to £1.2 million over four years)

As well as that, the Fellowships give you an opportunity to:

  • benefit from flexible public funding to support innovation programmes, with the option to work on a portfolio of projects and the flexibility to change direction to meet business requirements
  • continue training and developing your Fellow in other business activities alongside the Fellowship, using the new ‘reduced hours’ option

The competition opened on 2 September 2019. Applicants need to submit an outline proposal before 8 October 2019. Full applications will be required before 7 November 2019.

Find out more about Future Leaders Fellowships.

To help inform businesses about the Future Leaders Fellowships scheme, Innovate UK will be running a 1-hour webinar on Thursday 12 September 2019. The webinar will introduce you to the scheme and explain more about the competition and how to apply.

Register to attend the Future Leaders Fellowships webinar.