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Non-domestic water and sewerage charges to rise from April 2019

20 March 2019

Non-domestic water and sewerage charges will rise by 2.7 per cent on average from 1 April 2019

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) has announced the scheme of charges for water, sewerage and other miscellaneous services that affect non-domestic customers.

Measured charges for 2019/20

Standing charges

Supply pipe size Water Sewerage
Up to 20mm £69 £83
21-25mm £116 £139
26-40mm £215 £255
41-50mm £338 £401
51-75mm £671 £792
76-100mm £1,215 £1,433
Over 100mm £1,727 £2,041

Variable charge

  Water Sewerage
Variable (vol charge per m³ £1,093 £1,816

Unmeasured charges for 2019/20

  Unmeasured water Unmeasured sewerage
Standing charge £30.17 £42.00
Variable charge per each £1,000 Net Annual Value £11.58 £15.81
Charge cap £460 £495

Assessed charges for 2019/20

  Assessed water Assessed sewerage
Standing charge £60.34 £84.00
Variable charge per loading unit £5.88 £9.28

Further information on 2019/20 water and sewerage charges
Leaflets will be mailed to non-domestic customers to notify them of the forthcoming pricing changes and specifically, how they will be applied. Anyone with questions about their bill or charges can contact the NI Water billing enquiries team on 03458 770030.

Download NI Water’s summary of charges for non-domestic customers 2019/20 (PDF, 118K).