Oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals


The UK is a world leader in the fabrication of all types of upstream and downstream equipment used in the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industries. Engineering companies based in the UK are also leaders in the design and construction of gas turbines and diesel engines that are environmentally friendly and widely used in the power-generation and drilling-rig industries. Also produced in the UK for the offshore and subsea markets are a range of marine vessels and their associated equipment, including the fabrication of floating production storage and offloading facilities and remotely operated vehicles.

This guide provides an overview of the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical sector, the key regulations you'll need to comply with as an exporter or importer and selected sources of further help and support. It explains the duty rates applied to hydrocarbon oils and which hydrocarbon oils are eligible for excise duty relief. It also gives information on bans and restrictions particular to this sector - eg sanctions on exports to Iran's oil and gas industry.

You can find out more about other, related sectors in our section on natural resources and chemicals.

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