Licences - Export, Trade Control and Transhipment

Open General Licences


Open General Licences (OGLs) (also known as Open General Export Licences or OGELs) are the most flexible licence type issued by the Export Control Organisation (ECO) for the control of 'strategic' military and dual-use items. Using them could potentially save you both time and money. If you can meet the all the terms and conditions of a relevant OGL you should consider using one, if appropriate to your export needs.

OGLs are pre-published licences available in the public domain. They allow the export of less restricted items to less restricted destinations but that still require an export licence prior to shipment.

Each OGL details specific terms and conditions of use, including the items and destinations permitted for export by the licence.

There are different types of OGLs for export and trade control purposes. OGLs provide licensing coverage for specified military, dual-use, transhipment and other items.

The European Union also publishes a number of EU General Export Authorisations (EU GEAs). These licences are the EU equivalent of the UK's published OGLs. They provide licensing coverage for specified dual-use items and technology to listed destinations by any exporter providing the licence terms and conditions are met.

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Registering for and using an OGL

To use any OGL you will first need to adhere to all the specified terms and conditions and know the Control List entry reference number or 'rating' of your items. If you are unsure of the 'rating' of a particular item, you can get further advice on how to determine if your goods need an export licence. You might also find it helpful to use the OGEL Checker database in checking through the conditions of an OGL.

You need to register before use via the ECO's export licensing database, SPIRE.

You will need to quote the unique OGL reference number and exact title when using the licence.

All OGL holders are subject to regular compliance audits conducted by ECO Compliance Officers. Read more about compliance and enforcement of export controls.

Keeping informed of OGL updates

You should be aware that OGLs are subject to amendments from time to time. For details of recent amendments read Notices to Exporters.