Open Individual Export Licences (OIELs)



If you want to export controlled goods, such as military or dual-use items, to specific countries, you will need an export licence from the Export Control Organisation (ECO).

The basic export licence, the Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL), gives you permission to export specific items to specific destinations. The goods must be addressed to a stated person or company, and you also have to identify the end user. The goods must be of the same quantity and value as described on the licence.

An Open Individual Export Licence (OIEL) is a type of licence issued by the ECO which is more flexible and tailored to an exporter's needs. OIELs allow a named exporter to export multiple shipments of specific goods to specific countries, subject to meeting detailed terms and conditions.

This guide provides information on the type and duration of Open Individual Export Licences, eligibility for an OIEL and the relevant legislation for OIELS.

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