Overseas veterinary certificates and Border Control Posts



If your business imports live animals and/or products of animal origin (POAO) into the UK, your consignments will be subject to the Community Veterinary Checks Regime. This regime requires that all third country live animal and POAO consignments enter the European Union (EU) through a designated Border Control Post (BIP). In the UK, most BCPs are operated by port health authorities and local authorities. BCPs that only accept products not for human consumption and live animals are operated by Animal Health.

All your POAO consignments must be pre-notified to the BCP and presented with the correct documentation, including the health certificate(s) that relate to the specific consignment you are importing. Inspectors at the BCP will check your consignment to ensure that it meets EU import conditions. There is a fee payable for this work.

This guide gives you detailed information on how to get veterinary certificates so that you can import POAO products into the UK from a third country.

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