Paper and cardboard manufacturing environmental regulation



Your paper and cardboard production business may need a permit, licence, authorisation or exemption to prevent your activities from causing pollution or harming human health. The paper and cardboard industry includes paper and paperboard manufacturers, and businesses that produce paper and paperboard products. It also includes businesses that carry out finishing activities, such as coating, covering, laminating and embossing paper or cardboard.

Paper and cardboard production businesses can have a number of impacts on the environment, including:

  • energy use from equipment and machinery, as well as lighting, heating and cooling
  • noise pollution from vehicles, equipment and machinery
  • waste disposal such as sludge and old machinery, equipment and containers
  • water discharges from effluent and wastewater treatment plant
  • water use such as in the production process and for cooling

This guide will help you check if your business needs a pollution prevention and control (PPC) permit, waste management licence, registered exemption or other environmental authorisation, such as a trade effluent consent, radioactive substance registration or authorisation or hazardous waste pre-notification.

You can be fined or even sent to prison if you don't have the correct permit, licence, authorisation or exemption.