Paper and cardboard manufacturing environmental regulation

Paper manufacturing listed activity permits


You must have a pollution prevention and control (PPC) permit from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) or your district council if you carry out listed activities at an installation or mobile plant. You must ensure that the installation or mobile plant you use to carry out listed activities does not cause pollution.

An installation is a stationary technical unit, such as a self-contained building, permanent structure or fixed plant, used for listed activities.

Mobile plant is equipment that is designed to be, and will be, moved and is used for listed activities. When mobile plant is used on an installation it may become part of the installation activity, and so may be included in the permit of the installation.

Listed activities include industrial and waste activities that have an environmental impact. They are split into three categories - Part A, B and C. Part A permits control a range of environmental impacts, including emissions to air, land and water. Part B and C permits control emissions to air only.

Part A listed activities

Activities at paper and cardboard production sites regulated under Part A include:

  • producing pulp from timber or other fibrous materials in industrial plant
  • producing paper and board in industrial plant that has a production capacity of more than 20 tonnes per day
  • making paper pulp or paper, including activities connected with recycling paper such as de-inking, if the activity may result in the release into water of certain hazardous substances, such as mercury, cadmium and various chlorinated hydrocarbons

Part C listed activities

Activities at paper and cardboard production sites regulated under Part C include using a boiler or furnace with a rated thermal input of 20-50 megawatts.

Solvent activities

If you use organic solvents, you may require a PPC permit from NIEA or your district council. If you have a permit you must comply with its conditions, which may require you to reduce or control your solvent emissions - see solvent use responsibilities for paper and cardboard producers.

Contact NIEA or your district council for further information about listed activities.