Paper manufacturing waste and hazardous substances



Waste and hazardous substances from businesses in the paper and cardboard industry can cause pollution if they are not dealt with correctly. The paper industry includes paper and paperboard manufacturers, and businesses that produce paper and paperboard products. It also includes businesses that carry out finishing activities, such as coating, covering, laminating and embossing paper or cardboard.

You must comply with waste legislation such as your duty of care when you dispose of wastes. Waste materials produced by paper manufacturing businesses might include trim and off-cuts, off-specification products, packaging, inks, coatings and office equipment. You may also use hazardous substances such as solvents and chemicals. Using hazardous substances efficiently can help you reduce waste, minimise costs and meet legal requirements.

This guide explains your responsibilities for dealing with waste and hazardous substances, including hazardous waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, wastewater, oil and fuel, chemicals and solvents.