Organising events in Northern Ireland

Planning and running an event - Sunflowerfest (video)

Case Study

Sunflowerfest is an annual three-day music and arts festival in Hillsborough that started in 2010. The festival has grown each year with increases in tickets sales.

Vanessa Magowan, festival co-founder and Director, explains how they plan and organise the annual event. Vanessa describes how they manage the planning process and coordinate health and safety.

Vanessa highlights the marketing channels and promotional steps that make the festival a success. She also mentions organisations that offer event planning advice, funding and support.

Case Study

Vanessa Magowan


Vanessa’s top tips

  • “Have passion about what you want to do”
  • “Seek as much support as you can – not just financial, though that is important “
  • “Be tenacious and don’t take no for an answer”