Renting business premises

Practicalities of renting premises

There are number of practical issues to consider when you rent business premises.

Contracts for rental properties

Contracts can be complex, so consider professional help from a solicitor or chartered surveyor. While this can be expensive, mistakes can be much more costly to remedy.

You can find a surveyor in your area  or find details of local solicitors.

Planning permission for rental properties

Before renting a property, make sure you have planning permission to make any changes you need to the property. See alterations to rental properties. You should also investigate whether the building has asbestos

Find out if there are any restrictions on delivery or loading times that may affect your business. There may be other restrictions or covenants in the lease or imposed by the local authority - for example, rubbish disposal, parking, noise, lighting, litter.

Land registration

The Department of Finance provide guidance on how to register land in Northern Ireland, and the associated fees.

Insurance for rental properties

The business lease will state whether you or the landlord need to arrange insurance for the premises. If the landlord arranges this, you will pay the premiums as part of the service charges. Therefore, you may need to take out additional insurance to cover risks, such as loss or damage to contents, which are not covered in the building policy. See insure your business and assets.