Preparing to move goods into the UK through common transit countries


Last updated 13 September 2021

Transit can be used to move goods between common transit countries and quickly through other customs territories.

There are different steps to take if you are taking goods out of the UK using transit.

You can apply to become an authorised consignee which will allow you to end a transit journey at your authorised premises. If you become authorised you will get a location reference number that you’ll need to put on an Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) and New Computerised Transit System (NCTS).

If you’re exporting goods from a common transit country to the UK you must:

  1. Check your guarantee is valid for the country you are using it.

  2. Check whether any licences are needed for the goods you are moving into the UK.

  3. Agree your planned route with haulier and include correct Offices of Transit for the UK.

  4. Get all the the information they need to move into the UK ready to give to haulier.

  5. Include the correct UK Offices of Transit (the point of entry or exit into or from the UK when using transit) and Offices of Destination (customs office where a transit movement ends) on the transit declaration.

If your route takes you into the Republic of Ireland and ending in Northern Ireland, you’ll need to meet the entry requirements for the Irish Revenue Service.

Before you receive your goods

You should check with your exporter if your goods are being moved under transit.

If you’re receiving goods directly to your premises

If you’re receiving goods using transit directly to your premises there are a number of additional actions you need to complete.

  1. Get an EORI.

  2. Apply to become an authorised consignee.

  3. Get access to use NCTS online or with software.

You must make sure that you are prepared to declare your goods into free circulation or put them into another customs procedure once the transit movement has ended.

If you’re the haulier preparing to move goods under transit

  1. Get an EORI to help you complete Goods Vehicle Movement Service.

  2. Get information about the goods from the exporter.

  3. Confirm the route you’re taking with your exporter.

  4. Check the requirements for the planned UK office of transit.

If the office of transit in the UK is using Goods Vehicle Movement Service you’ll need to register to use Goods Vehicle Movement Service and get a Goods Movement Reference.

If you’re moving the goods into Northern Ireland from Great Britain you’ll need to get a Goods Movement Reference.