Product safety law

Product recalls


Businesses have a duty to only place safe products only the market and to warn consumers of any risks. Normally effective processes and good product design will prevent any problems, but on rare occasions things can go wrong. 

If you discover that a product you have sold represents a safety risk, you must take action to remedy the issue. This could include:

  • issuing new instructions
  • modifying the product
  • requiring consumers to stop using the product and return it for a refund - known as a product recall

The manufacturer must contact all the consumers it knows are affected to alert them to the issue and tell them what they should do.

Plan for product recalls 

Product safety problems can pose a risk to public health and damage your business' reputation. In order to minimise these risks, you should have a product recall plan in place. A plan outlines the process you will follow to carry out a product recall quickly and professionally. 

Product recall advice

The Code of Practice on Product Recalls provides best practice guidance on how businesses should prepare for and respond to product safety incidents.

This video for manufacturers and suppliers highlights guidance on how to plan for a timely and effective response if a safety issue is identified: