Project encourages businesses to recruit, retain and retrain older workers

11 June 2019

Age at Work project is raising awareness of an ageing workforce and supporting businesses to be more age inclusive

Age NI, in partnership with Business in the Community Northern Ireland, have been awarded over £2 million in National Lottery funding to encourage businesses to recruit, retain and retrain older workers. The project is offering resources, advice and support including training and work placements. The project is also working with employers to support age inclusive policies.

Recent research indicates that 82 per cent of people aged in their 40s and 50s who are in work would like to have more flexibility in their job pattern in the future, 81 per cent are interested in developing new skills and 47 per cent are interested in being promoted.

The Age at Work project over the next five years will help organisations implement new age-friendly policies and practices so that they can capitalise on the skills, knowledge and capabilities of older workers.

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