Comply with the law when providing goods and services

The Proof of Age Standards Scheme

The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) is the UK's national scheme for proof-of-age cards.

PASS brings in a common standard and accreditation process to help protect you and your employees when making age-related sales.

The PASS hologram indicates that the card issuer has passed the rigorous Trading Standards audit process and that you can rely on the card's authenticity.

How PASS makes life easier for retailers

If you are a retailer, PASS has several important benefits for you and your employees. It can help to:

  • protect your business from receiving fines for selling age-restricted goods
  • protect you from the loss of your premises licence
  • clarify which cards are genuine
  • give a single recognisable logo you can trust - the PASS hologram is a registered trademark, which means that to forge the hologram is a criminal offence
  • make it easier to check the identity of the carrier against the photo and date of birth on the card with the PASS hologram

Almost two million young people hold proof-of-age cards bearing the PASS hologram, and numbers are increasing all the time.

The following cards are all part of PASS and are available nationally:

  • CitizenCard
  • Young Scot
  • My ID card

There are a number of local and national schemes which produce PASS-accredited cards