Proof of Concept grant for innovative port technology

News article

Techstart and Belfast Harbour have launched a new competition to give one local tech startup a £75,000 grant to develop new tech solutions for the harbour

The competition aims to deliver new technology-based solutions to help support employees at the port, with a specific focus on:

  • supporting lone workers – through solutions based on tracking workers, biometrics, or improving safety of lone workers in dangerous situations
  • integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) devices into the port – focusing on industrial applications in areas such as productivity, equipment maintenance, asset tracking

The winner of the competition will get:

  • a £75,000 proof of concept grant to explore the tech idea
  • access to Belfast Harbour to build and test the technology
  • a support package from BT that includes access to its 5G network

Applicants should be pre-commercial start-up teams or individuals, who would benefit from a working understanding of Belfast Harbour and existing tech solutions on the market.

Find out more about the £75,000 Proof of Concept grant competition.

The closing date for applications is 17:00 Tuesday 20 October 2020.

An information session was held on Wednesday 23 September. You can watch a video recording of this session on YouTube.

First published 25 September 2020