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Upcoming Queen’s University leadership programmes

4 January 2019

Interactive learning programmes for business leaders

The William J Clinton Leadership Institute is offering a range of comprehensive and focused leadership programmes providing you with the opportunity to explore specific topics in-depth.

Upcoming programmes include:

Senior Executive Programme

This programme is for high-level managers to become more agile to play a greater role in their company’s long-term success. Topics will include:

  • Market forces - understand global trends and economic forces. Examine how to respond to disruptive scenarios and anticipate how the global economy will impact the organisation.
  • Connections and relationships - influencing upwards while leading peers, direct reports and stakeholders.
  • Organisational agility - ability to hold an organisational wide perspective when making decisions.
  • Personal renewal/work-life Balance.

Start date: 21 February 2019

Read further information and apply.

Aspiring Leaders programme

Highly interactive programme for first-time leaders. This programme develops first-time managers, equipping them with the essential leadership skills required to succeed in today's business world.

Start date: 28 February 2019

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Emerging leaders programme

This programme develops talented individuals for wider, more strategic senior positions. It also works with sponsoring organisations, to maximise development opportunities and deliver results in the workplace.

Start date: 28 February 2019

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