Locate your business in the UK

Raising capital in the UK

Equity finance is a way to raise capital from outside investors in exchange for a share of the business. Venture capital (or private equity finance) is one source of equity finance.

Venture capitalists (VCs) normally seek to invest around £2 million in a business and can bring a wealth of expertise to your business. Raising venture capital can also help you to access additional financing, such as bank loans. However, securing a venture capital deal can be a lengthy and complex process. 

Stock exchange

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) enables companies to raise capital by listing their shares on the LSE markets. The two principal markets are the Main Market and the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Read more about the LSE.

Banking overview

There are several banking options in the UK and a wide range of services available. For personal banking you can expect to receive a standard current account package. Certain features such as interest rates and bank charges will vary so look for the best deal. Consider how you want to run your personal bank account as you can now choose to bank over the phone or online.

You may decide to open a business bank account. Compare at least two banks before making a decision as services and fees can vary greatly. You may also want to take into account the bank's ethical or religious standing. Read more about how to choose and manage a business bank account.