The importance of the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR)

Refused PEACH decisions

Depending on the type of issue notified to you by the inspection bodies, you will need to work with them to resolve the situation. To obtain clearance for any 'green ball' consignments held alongside those acted on, it is possible that you will have to amend submissions already made.

A brief summary of the correction options available on Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (PEACH) and Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) are outlined below.

Where a second CHIEF Import declaration is subsequently required to clear a refused PEACH application, for example in respect of a documentary check failure for one of the multiple containers, the PEACH application with the refused consignment will either:

  • require amendment to the Declaration Unique Consignment References (DUCR) on the application line with the refused consignment
  • be cancelled altogether and two new PEACH applications created to separate out released consignments from any refused ones

The new PEACH application can either have the same DUCR as the original PEACH application but with a DUCR Part suffix entered or a completely new DUCR with no Part suffix.

To achieve a match whenever the Automatic Licence Verification System (ALVS) receives an amended or new Import declaration to resolve a refused decision, the DUCR and Part suffix entered on PEACH must be identical to the DUCR and Part suffix entered on the second CHIEF Import declaration covering the refused consignment.

ALVS will not receive or match scenarios involving re-processing (including movement for correction - HCG4), seized, destroyed or re-exported consignments. These will be handled under existing manual processes.