Customs clearance for animals and animal products

Registering for TRACES

You need to register to start using TRACES. Your single registration on TRACES will be either for trading within the European Union (EU) or for importing from non-EU countries. You cannot register for both with the same email address.

There's no charge for using the system. Registration is based on the originating establishment, so if your business is a large company with several sites, you may have to register with the relevant Divisional Veterinary Office (DVO) in each of your branch areas.

Important: If the UK leaves the EU with no deal, you will no longer be able to use TRACES. You will need to follow a different process to import and export animals and animal products to and from the EU.

Read the latest UK government guidance on importing and exporting live animals or animal products.

EU imports

You can register for TRACES online.

If you want to trade within the EU, you should fill out the fields for Competent Authority, which in the UK is local AHVLA office.

Once your registration to trade with other EU countries has been confirmed, you can then apply for an Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC) via the TRACES website.

Non-EU imports

If you want to import from outside the EU, you should fill out the fields for Border Control Posts (BCP).

Once your registration as an importer of non-EU goods has been confirmed, you can then apply for a Common Veterinary Entry Document via the TRACES website.

A single registration with a BIP is sufficient to import via any BCP.