Introduction to transporting your goods

Regulations and the movement of goods


Specific regulations apply to the movement of different types of goods.

Dangerous goods

If you transport dangerous goods, you must comply with strict rules - see our guide on how to transport dangerous goods.

For goods transported by:

Fruit and vegetables

If you import certain types of fresh fruit, vegetables or nuts from a non-European Union country, you may need a Certificate of Conformity - see understanding certification and inspection of fruit, vegetables and plant products.

To obtain a certificate, you use the Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (PEACH) system - see using the PEACH system to import plants and fresh produce.

Plants and soil are subject to phytosanitary controls by the Plant Health Inspectorate - see trading in fruit, vegetables and plant products.

Organic produce

If you intend to market your goods as organic, you must comply with a number of trade regulations specific to organic produce - see importing organic produce.

Animal and animal-based products

A number of special rules apply to imports of live animal and animal-based products - see products of animal origin, importing animal furs, skins and fish and using TRACES to trade in animals and animal products.

Import licences

Import restrictions can be product-specific or trade-specific. Many products are subject to product-specific standards and need to be supported by applicable certificates, product-specific licences and documentation.

Quite separately, quantitative restrictions or limitations and anti-dumping duties may apply to certain imported commodities - see anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

For help identifying whether you require an import licence see our guide do you need an export or import licence?

Use the Tariff for classifying your goods to find out which duties and measures apply - see introduction to the Tariff.

You must also comply with local regulations and general export and import procedures - see import and export procedures.

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