Doing business in another language

Researching European Economic Area markets

If you are planning to start operating in another European Economic Area (EEA) market, you will need to carefully research the individual country in question, identify its official language and specific social, cultural and business practices. This can help you to decide if there is a market for your product and whether you can successfully do business in that country.

You can research the markets of other EEA countries in different ways including:

  • using online databases and market reports
  • sending out email questionnaires
  • buying off-the-shelf reports on your market sector
  • commissioning a market research agency in your chosen country to identify potential business opportunities in your sector
  • reading published marketing information about competitors in your chosen country
  • reading newspapers and trade magazines

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However, the EEA has 26 official languages so you may find the research information you discover on your chosen country is not in your native tongue. To be able to understand and communicate with markets in other EEA countries, you will need to find people who speak the local language and know the market.

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