Transport industry: international trade regulations

Researching your export destination in the transport and transport services sector

You should thoroughly research your export destination country when planning to export.

There are a number of issues that you ought to consider. As a starting point you may wish to seek advice from Invest Northern Ireland.

There are also various ways that you can research a potential export destination. These include trade associations - see the page in this guide on sources of help and support in the transport, transport infrastructure and services sector.

You can also use our free online UK Trade Tariff to find out if your goods are affected by restrictions and charges at their destination country, together with all applicable duties and taxes. Access the UK Trade Tariff on the website.

You should also consider product safety and other technical standards in your export market. Your goods may need to be adapted to comply with these. Rules in your export market may be less or more strict than in the UK.

You should also be aware of any sanctions and embargoes which apply to your intended export destination. For more information see our guide on current arms embargoes and other restrictions. For more general information, see our guide sanctions, embargoes and restrictions.

For a general guide to market information on sectors and countries, see our guide on researching and entering overseas markets.

You can ask for information about your export destination country from a range of organisations, including:

  • your local Invest Northern Ireland International trade team
  • your UK Trade & Investment team within the commercial section of the UK embassy in your destination country
  • transport sector trade associations
  • the Chambers of Commerce in the UK and in your destination country