Recruiting the right staff in Europe

Retaining staff after a merger or acquisition in Europe

If you have acquired or merged with another business, you will need to manage the 'new' staff. See mergers and acquisitions.

Management and teamwork

Managing a newly acquired or merged business is never easy, especially if you are new to the area, culture and country.

You will need to integrate quickly into a team that may already be close-knit. You should:

  • establish the rules straight away, and make sure everyone knows them
  • be honest and realistic about your vision for the business - you should tell your new employees your expectations and timescale for improvements
  • talk to your new staff - let them know that you are available to hear their concerns and suggestions to ensure everyone knows they are valued
  • be friendly, but be careful not to be seen to favour anyone
  • be aware of any cultural differences in business and social culture
  • try to learn the language or use an interpreter to improve communication with your new staff
  • consider creating employee champions by site or department to help communication
  • consider finding a local mentor to help you learn the language and culture and to integrate quickly and thoroughly


If you need to reduce the size of your new business, you should obtain professional advice to ensure that you comply with local employment law. See employer responsibilities for staff in Europe.

In addition, find further guidance on dismissals and staff leaving.