Wood packaging

Reusing and returning used wood packaging

Wood packaging material that hasn't been changed or altered in any way may be reused either within the European Union or for exports to other countries with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15 (ISPM15) import requirements. Wood packaging material that has been repaired, remanufactured or altered in any way must have all original marks obliterated before being re-treated and re-marked at an authorised facility. You can find a company authorised to carry out treatment to ISPM15.

If you see an ISPM15 mark which doesn't appear to have all the necessary information, you should seek advice from the Forest Service before re-using the wood packaging material. Find contact details for the Forest Service NI. Read more about wood treating and marking requirements.

Returning wood packaging to the supplier

Phytosanitary certificates are no longer needed for wood packaging in use if international marking standards are met, but are still required for wood products and consignments of wood packaging being returned to the supplier.