Road safety around cyclists online course for businesses

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Driving Road Safety Forward is a free online course for employers in Northern Ireland on safe driving techniques around people cycling

An online road safety course produced by Cycling UK is now available free of charge to businesses across Northern Ireland. The course has been developed in partnership with support from the Department for Infrastructure.

The Driving Road Safety Forward course is designed to help businesses increase employee understanding of safer driving practices around people cycling through a series of interactive videos. The programme covers safe overtaking distances, “car dooring” and understanding of cyclists’ road positioning.

Whether your staff drive as part of their work, for their commute, or outside of work in their personal life, the 15 minute course will teach key skills such as how to safely overtake cyclists, reduce road safety risks and better understand where cyclists position themselves on the road. This will help create safer driving habits for all and encourage more people to cycle.

Find out more about the Driving Road Safety Forward course and register now.

First published: 12 February 2021