Case study

Save water at industrial premises

Saving water at industrial premises - Artetch Circuits

Artetch Circuits Ltd design and manufacture high technology, multi-layer printed circuit boards. Based in their state-of-the-art facility in Littlehampton, the business employs 80 people turning over approximately £5 million a year.

What we did

Water minimisation is a high priority at Artetch because the business uses a large amount of water for manufacturing, and effluent is sent to a local sewage works for disposal. Chemical etching processes, in particular, use a substantial amount of water for washing and rinsing. Artetch monitored water use to help identify where they could make significant reductions and cost savings.

As well as looking closely at the water-saving technology they could use, Artetch also empowered their workforce to become the standard bearers for the water-saving projects the business would design. Staff working parties were set up to monitor and control rinse water use. Monitoring technology was also installed to meter individual rinse lines, flow gauges on static rinse tanks and new conductivity meters to improve and optimise water control.

Artetch used the monitoring information as a benchmark of its current water use. This was used to challenge previously accepted norms and identify key areas for further water minimisation initiatives.

What the benefits were

Artetch was able to make savings of about £3,000 a year through the reduction of water demand from about 46,000 cubic metres per year to 41,000 cubic metres per year.

They also saved around £2,700 a year by reducing their annual effluent disposal from 35,000 cubic metres to 32,000 cubic metres.