SBRI: Innovation call for urban drone technology

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Funding for new ways to assist military drone operators in urban environments

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) are seeking innovative and novel solutions to assist military drone operators to improve usability in challenging and complex urban operations.

Up to £900,000 is available for successful proposals that can help the overcome three challenges:

  • to develop an optimised Unmanned Air System suitable for use in urban environments
  • to develop human-controlled lethal payload that could integrate with a platform outlined in the first challenge
  • to demonstrate a full Unmanned Air System with an integrated payload, bringing together the separate elements of challenges 1 and 2

The funders are looking for ideas that reduce the mental strain on operators and improve performance - but solutions must ensure that they remain under full human control at all times.

It is envisaged that these innovations could in future contribute to a new capability that can remove service personnel and military dogs from complex and dangerous urban warfare situations where their lives are put at significant risk.

To be considered for this competition, suppliers must complete the compulsory questionnaire and assessment by midday on Thursday 15 October 2020.

Full details can be found in the competition document.

For further information on the scope of this competition, you can contact

First published 21 September 2020