County Tyrone business support

Set up business in County Tyrone

County Tyrone is an ideal location for setting up your business. Whether you are facing the challenge of starting up, or locating an existing business in Tyrone, there is a range of support tools to help you succeed.

Starting a business in County Tyrone

Enterprise NI has a network of four local enterprise agencies in County Tyrone, they offer pre-start and start-up support through the Exploring Enterprise programme.

The District councils in County Tyrone have economic development teams who can provide guidance and support for start-up businesses - see local council contact details in Northern Ireland.

Locate your business in Tyrone

County Tyrone has a number of advantages for an established business looking to find a new location. The largest county in Northern Ireland is also at the heart of the North of the island of Ireland. This brings diverse markets within reach, with good links to Belfast, Derry~Londonderry, Donegal in the Republic of Ireland, with strategic links to Dublin and beyond.

Invest Northern Ireland (NI) can also help you develop your business in County Tyrone.

If you are considering locating a business in Northern Ireland for the first time, see Invest NI's main reasons to choose Northern Ireland for your business.

Tyrone business licences and complying with regulations

Tyrone's District councils can provide advice on local business regulations and licensing, including many online application forms. Your business may require a local licence to operate or need to comply with certain regulations. Use our interactive tool to find regulations, licences, standards and trade bodies for your business.

Contact your local council in County Tyrone:

Practical considerations in County Tyrone

Setting up a business may require professional advice - see choose and work with a solicitor and choose and work with an accountant.

You can also search for commercial property in County Tyrone and read Invest NI's guidance on property services and support.

County Tyrone's councils set the level for a portion of the local business rates. The Department of Finance (DoF) can help you to calculate your business rates.