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Space-enabled future internet services funding

24 December 2019

Future Internet Kick-Start funding from the European Space Agency

The European Space Agency is offering technical support and up to €60,000 funding to companies developing innovative and commercial space-enabled services for the future internet.

During the last decade, the Tactile Internet, the Physical Internet, the Internet of people and Internet of Free Speech have emerged. Applications using these technologies are growing at a faster rate and spreading through a large variety of sectors and industries.

The key areas of interest in this funding call are:

  • Tactile Internet applications for Manufacturing, e-Health, Training and Education, Road Traffic
  • Physical Internet applications for Logistics
  • Internet of People applications for Creative Industries, Personal Services, All People

You can apply via the following process:

The deadline for applications is 12pm (1300 CET) on Tuesday 14 January 2020.

Find more detail on the Future Internet Kick-Start call on the European Space Agency website.