Create and communicate your strategic narrative

Strategic narrative: involve your employees

Involving your employees in developing your narrative can help them make a personal connection to it and strengthen their commitment to achieving your business' goals.

Your narrative has to mean something to your employees. It has to be about more than facts and figures - for example - it could contain stories and anecdotes to illustrate where your business is going.

Strategic narrative: how to involve employees

There are many methods you can use to involve your employees to contribute to your strategic narrative - here are some approaches you could consider:

  • hold a workshop or series of workshops for employees to help them contribute to the business narrative - download a sample format for a strategic narrative workshop (DOC, 18K)
  • ask employees to submit their views - for example - you could set up a suggestions box or create a diary room and invite employees to give their views on three or four questions about your business
  • involve employees who work remotely or from satellite sites - try to visit them or organise conference calls
  • identify employee engagement champions in different departments or teams who can identify and share examples from their parts of your business - they can have a key role in linking managers with the ideas and experiences of employees

With any method you use - collate the results, identify key themes and discuss them with your employees.