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Supporting employees affected by cancer

8 February 2018

Ten best practice steps for employers to follow to help them support employees affected by illness

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland recently hosted an event to highlight how local employers can support employees affected by cancer. In addition the Equality Commission also launched a ten step best practice guidance to help employers manage and support their employees affected by cancer.

Ten step best practice

1. Encourage an open culture, talk early and stay in touch
2. Be flexible, listen, understand and ask
3. Update your policies and review effectiveness of reasonable adjustments
4. Offer easy access to your guidelines and policies
5. Ensure contact with occupational health service if you have one
6. Ensure a smooth transition back to work
7. Provide HR support and train your managers
8. Find relevant support services – work schemes and programmes
9. See work and cancer support from Macmillan training and support for employers
10. Seek support from the Equality Commission

Download supporting employees affect by cancer ten good practice steps (PDF, 668K).