Survey findings: Is your workplace welcoming and inclusive?

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The Equality Commission have published results from their survey on how welcoming and inclusive Northern Ireland workplaces are

The Equality Commission workplace survey had over 3,500 employee responses on their experiences at work focusing on diversity, inclusivity and harassment.

Survey findings
The survey found that the majority of employees, 69 per cent, felt their workplace was welcoming and inclusive. In addition, 75 per cent of workers said their line manager made them welcome and supported regardless of their individual identity and 74 per cent said their colleagues did the same.

However the survey found that 25 per cent of employees responding had witnessed unwanted behaviour at work. In addition 21 per cent of Northern Ireland workers have personally experienced unwanted behaviour at work in the past 12 months and of these unwanted behaviours:

  • 27 per cent were on the grounds of sex
  • 24 per cent were religious grounds
  • 20 per cent were political grounds
  • 20 per cent were on age related grounds
  • 18 per cent were on the grounds of a disability

Download the Equality Commission’s employee survey report (PDF, 1.5MB).

The survey shows that Northern Ireland employers are taking steps to create inclusive and harmonious workplaces but continual improvement may still be required. For further guidance see: