Customs procedures when transporting goods by road

Taking road vehicles temporarily into or out of the UK or European Union

European Union (EU) road vehicles can move between member states without customs formalities. An example of a road vehicle would be motorised vehicles, cycles with engines, trailers and caravans.

Non EU road vehicles being imported into the UK for private or commercial transport use are often eligible to avoid customs duties or formalities under a relief called Temporary Admission.

Specialist Road Vehicles

If you are bringing in non-EU road vehicles for sport, demonstration, exhibition, or some other specially adapted vehicle for a professional endeavour you should consult Notice 3001: Customs Special Procedures for the Union Customs Code.

CPD carnets

The CPD carnet (Carnet de Passages en Douane) acts as a passport for vehicles. A CPD is not required for vehicles entering the UK however it may be required by other countries. Those wishing to take their vehicles outside the UK should check with the authorities in the country they are visiting. A fee is charged for the carnet as well as the need to have a guarantee to secure the customs liabilities in case the vehicle is not re-exported within the prescribed time limits. In the UK CPD Carnets are issued by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC).

Further information is available in our guide on ATA and CPD carnets.