Exporting to Asia-Pacific

Taxes and legal considerations for exports to Asia-Pacific

It's essential to find out about local rules and regulations on tax and duty in your intended market.

VAT in Asia Pacific countries

Most exports you make to Asia Pacific markets will be zero-rated for VAT purposes. You can read HMRC guidance on importing and exporting.

Duty in Asia Pacific countries

When you export goods to Asia Pacific countries, they may be liable to import duty. This will depend on the country you are exporting to and the type of product. Either you or your local representative will have to pay this before the goods are released by Customs.

The rules on duty are complex and you should take professional advice.

Import and export issues

You should check for any restrictions on the products you intend to export. Some products may require a licence.

You should also check for any local restrictions on the import of your product in your target country. You may be liable to higher import duty in some countries as your business is based outside the region. This can affect your competitiveness, so find out what applies in your target market.

You can find out more from UK Trade & Investment. You can also find Invest NI support for researching export markets and opportunities.

Protecting intellectual property

You will need to carefully protect your intellectual property - copyright, patents, trade marks and designs. Remember that UK protection may not extend to your new markets. Read more about intellectual property protection overseas.