How to use inland border facilities

Tell HMRC that you're going to be attending an inland border facility


You can use this service to tell HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in advance that you’re attending an inland border facility (IBF) because the goods you’re moving:

  • are going to an office of departure or office of destination (starting or ending a transit movement)
  • are covered by an ATA Carnet
  • need a CITES permit

This will help you get processed on-site as quickly as possible.

If there is another reason why you need to attend an IBF, you should tell the onsite marshals the reason when you arrive.

Before you start

You’ll need to know your:

  • arrival date and time
  • reason for attending
  • Local Reference Number (for outbound transit movements)
  • Movement Reference Number (for inbound transit movements)
  • the reference number you’ll discharge your movements against

If you're a haulier or freight forwarder, you’ll also need to know the driver’s:

  • mobile phone number
  • vehicle registration (front number plate) of the heavy goods vehicle (HGV)

To end the movements of goods in transit you’ll need either:

How to tell HMRC

Before you can tell HMRC you’re attending an IBF, you’ll need to create an account. You can create an account the first time you use the service.

Start now

Alternatively, you can download the free HMRC app from the:

If you do not have a signal

If you cannot tell HMRC that you’re going to attend an IBF before you arrive, you must report to the front office.

More information about inland border facilities

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