Temporary exportation from the UK

Temporary exportation simplified procedures


You can temporarily export goods from the UK using two simplified procedures - the ATA carnet and the Duplicate List. These let you temporarily export goods from the UK to countries outside the European Union (EU) with a reduced amount of customs red tape.

However, any prohibitions, restrictions or licensing rules - either when goods are exported from the UK or when they're imported into another country - still apply.

What sort of goods are covered?

The type of goods that you can temporarily export depends on:

  • whether you use the ATA carnet or the Duplicate List - you can export a much broader range of goods using the ATA carnet
  • the country you are exporting the goods to - each country has its own list of goods that it allows to be temporarily imported

The main examples of goods that are often temporarily exported are:

  • professional equipment, like portable computers you use when you're working abroad
  • tools of your trade like technical instruments, measuring and testing equipment and specialist tools
  • exhibition or display goods
  • commercial samples

Moving goods within the EU

You don't need to use temporary export procedures if you're moving goods to another EU country. But it's recommended that you carry enough documentation with you to show that you either:

  • acquired the goods in the EU
  • have already paid any import charges if you imported them from outside the EU
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