Temporary storage

Temporary storage authorisations and time limits for storage of goods

Application and authorisation process

To apply you need to complete a Register of Interest for Temporary Storage form online. You’ll be sent an application form to complete, or you can call the Border Force National Frontiers unit on telephone: 0121 781 7861 or 0121 781 7856 to get one.

You must specify the type of goods to be stored on the request for approval. The National Frontier Approvals Unit will let you know if you need to contact any other government departments as part of the approvals process for these goods.

If you’re considering applying for a temporary storage approval you can request a copy of the expression of interest form by emailing:

Once the NFAU are satisfied with the expression of interest they’ll issue an application pack. When you receive the formal application pack you’ll be required to submit the completed application form electronically and forward all necessary supporting documents to the NFAU.

The NFAU will then complete the application vetting process and will forward your application for further consideration by your local Border Force control office.

Following your application you’ll be visited so customs authorities can assess the suitability of your facility and discuss the operations envisaged to make sure that they meet approval policy requirements and that you can comply with the terms and conditions of the approval.

If you’re already a temporary storage approval holder you can keep your approval until the 1 May 2019 unless:

  • a new authorisation is applied for after its natural expiry date
  • you need to make an amendment to your authorisation

Post the completed application form to:

National Frontier Approvals Unit
UK Border Force
1st Floor Admin Block
Cargo Centre
Birmingham International Airport
B26 3QN

Border Force will visit the proposed storage facilities and make sure they meet the necessary criteria and regulations.

Time limits

Under European Union law goods must be assigned to a customs procedure or re-exported within 90 days. The 90 day Temporary Storage period starts when the goods are declared at the frontier but ends when goods are put into a customs procedure such as the NCTS. The 90 days restarts from day 1 when or if the goods go back into TS.

You can contact the entry processing team at:

Entry Processing Team
National Clearance Hub
Ralli Quays
3 Stanley Street
M60 9HL

Extensions will only be granted where it is justified by the circumstances. Failure to obtain approval can result in the goods being seized, destroyed or sold.