Work with an advertising agency

Ten ways to make your advertising campaign a success


An advertising campaign can be a successful way to increase sales, as part of your marketing strategy. However if it is not well run and designed for your needs it may be a waste of money. During a campaign you should:

  1. Determine whether the agency understands your marketing objectives.
  2. Ask yourself whether the agency is demonstrating an understanding of your market and the competition. See choose an advertising agency.
  3. Insist that the agency report back to you regularly. See manage your relationship with the advertising agency.
  4. Institute agreed measures of effectiveness with the agency. See measure performance and set targets.
  5. Assess whether the campaign is hitting targets - if not, find out whether the agency is coming up with ideas to bring it back on track.
  6. Calculate whether the agency is working to your agreed budget. See set an advertising budget.
  7. Think about whether you are getting the best deal you can.
  8. Track where and when the advertisements are being run. Make sure the agency keeps you informed and that the advertisements actually appear when and where they are supposed to
  9. Check whether you are still dealing with the people in the agency you were first promised - consider the state of your relationship with them.
  10. Make sure the agency is still being creative and coming up with ideas to take your advertising strategy forward.