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Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate launches

6 March 2019

New department will investigate if anti-dumping or anti-subsidy measures are needed to counteract unfair trading practices

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has announced the establishment of a Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate (TRID).

TRID will aim to protect UK businesses from injury caused by unfair trading practices, such as dumping and subsidies, or injury caused by unforeseen surges in imports from 29 March if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

UK businesses can contact TRID if they:

  • suspect a company of exporting their goods for less than the normal cost of goods in the domestic market (known as dumping)
  • think a government or public body is unfairly subsidising the exports of specific firms or industries
  • want a temporary tariff (known as a safeguarding measure) to be applied because of an unforeseen surge in imports

TRID will check if: 

  • dumping or subsidisation is taking place 
  • there has been an unforeseen surge in imports
  • UK producers are being, or may be, harmed by the dumping, subsidisation or surge in imports
  • putting measures in place is in the UK’s economic interest  

To help decide the correct measures, TRID will investigate the amount of dumping, subsidisation or surge in imports and the impact on UK producers.

TRID is an interim body which will administer trade remedies functions until the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) is legally established as an independent body with the passing of the Trade Bill.

Businesses can find contact details for TRID and more information on the new trade remedies arrangements, including:

  • who can submit cases for review
  • how they will be considered
  • what counts as dumping
  • what counts as a subsidy
  • safeguard measures
  • transition reviews