Declarations and the Single Administrative Document

Transport and description of goods boxes on the Single Administrative Document

This page explains how to complete the boxes of the Single Administrative Document (SAD) that contain the description of your goods and how you move them.

In box 1, indicate whether or not the goods are already in free circulation in the European Union (EU) and whether or not they have arrived. Use the code EU for European Free Trade Association countries, CO for the EU's special territories and IM for other goods.

Identify the consignor in box 2. For exports, if a UK identity is not supplied the consignor's name and address must be provided. Identify the recipient in box 8. In box 14, give details of your type of representation with contact details.

Box 3 can be left blank if the declaration is only for a single item. Otherwise number the continuation sheets that you're using. In box 4, enter the number of loading lists. Specify the total number of items in box 5 if you are making a declaration through CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight), and in box 6 the number of packages being declared. In box 7, choose whether you wish to enter your own reference number.

In box 18, identify the means of transport on which the goods are loaded. In box 21, enter a name and a nationality for the means of transport at the point of crossing the EU border. Use the one-digit code for the mode of transport that you use at the border in box 25 or at your own inland facilities in box 26. In box 30, give the location of the goods by country code, by location code and by shed/identity code. Codes can be found in the Tariff Volume 3.

In box 31, describe the goods and any packaging, so they can be identified. If using a freight container, you should give its identification number. In box 32, enter the declared number of goods in sequential order and assign them a commodity code in box 33 from the Tariff (Volume 2). The length of these will vary depending on whether goods are already in free circulation. If a Common Agricultural Policy export refund is being given, country of origin must be given in box 34 otherwise it can be left blank. In box 38, give the weight in kilograms of your goods without any packaging. Only give the gross mass of your goods and packaging in box 35.